The smart Trick of 上門補習價錢 That Nobody is Discussing

The smart Trick of 上門補習價錢 That Nobody is Discussing

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hd00:28Three female pals making the most of touring in the vehicle. Sitting in rear seat and getting enjoyable on the road trip.

фраза У нее очень хорошие оценки. Учителя ее часто хвалят.

There are actually a few details which are essential to reducing your accent if you would like be presenting in English. 點擊喇叭圖示,聽老師講解!

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4k00:14Young attractive Lady straightens a health care mask in a retail outlet. Shopping center emptied 私補 into coronavirus. Protective gloves against the spread and transmission of an infection.

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4k00:06Happy wonderful family members nutritious youthful Mother lifting lovable small child daughter up taking part in plane on couch in your house, humorous kid Lady flying in moms arms apply acro pair yoga bonding obtaining TutorKingdom pleasurable jointly

4k00:07Young girl opening curtain looking by way of window. Content self-confident lady enjoying beautiful private tutor view and dreaming in your house. Smiling Female considering emotion hope tranquil early morning standing in condominium

hd00:07Happy younger spouse and children couple soothing conversing laughing holding cups ingesting coffee tea sitting down on couch with each other in living room, loving husband and wife bonding savoring nice conversation at your home


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